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How to trial Micro Planner X-Pert

Cloud-based trial

Micro Planning International now offers trials of X-Pert via our on-line platform. X-Pert can be provided as Software as a Service via our computer hosting environment. This will run on any device, but as X-Pert currently only recognises mouse control, touch screens are not suitable for X-Pert.

Instructions for trying X-Pert

Please click on the X-Pert icon to proceed to our Cloud trial site, where you will need to use the following login details:

Username: microplanner01@junk.v2cloud.com
Password: V2demo123

How it works

Micro Planner X-Pert is provided with a 32bit Windows OS via Windows Server on our on-line platform. This is shared through your browser (Chrome is recommended). Effectively you get access to a dedicated computer for running X-Pert without having to install the software.

However, please note that the demo site is shared among all demo users, so it is not suitable for storing private files. Please do not leave sensitive materials on the server. Also note that if another user commences a trial, you may get booted off.

If you like what you see

Micro Planner X-Pert is available via the Cloud at a very reasonable price. Simply contact us for pricing.

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