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The Micro Planning International Pty Ltd group of companies has been producing award winning project management software “X-Pert for Windows and Mac” since 1979. The professional services that Micro Planning International can provide include: Strategic planning; Project Management; Requirement Definition; Critical Path Network Development; Education. We work in both government and private industry. We specialise in Defense, Construction and Forensics.

Micro Planner X-Pert

X-Pert is a world-class, technically powerful and easy to use, critical path (CPM) system: X-Pert, is used by a wide range of corporations to plan, schedule and control resource-based projects in defense, construction, software development and forensics. X-Pert is currently provided as a Cloud Service. Any user or company may have a dedicated X-Pert environment per user - regardless of their operating system. For those wishing a hard installation, X-Pert may be installed on all 32-bit versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10 Pro 32. It may also be run in a virtual machine on other operating systems. We think the Cloud solution is the way to go!

X-Pert provides industry-leading ghraphical methods for building logic diagrams in either Activity on Arrow or Activity on Node (Precedence). The use of in-built three-time estimates means that X-Pert supports both CPM and PERT approaches to managing projects.

X-Pert's calendars are the most advanced in the industry, providing the most rigorous calculation of complex logical relationships. This also supports the advanced resource strategies, with multiple resource levelling options available.

Why not try out X-Pert in the Cloud. If you like what you see, then you can purchase your own cloud-based server for you or your team. Alternatively, for those with a 32bit Windows OS, you can purchase the software.

What is it for?

Micro Planner X-Pert is designed with the important aspects of monitoring and control as major objectives. These can be summarised like this…

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